November 17, 2010


Wow so much has happened since I have last blogged! I honestly don't know where to begin! I guess a good list of updates will come in the most handy to help organize my thoughts...
1. I started Dental Hygiene School in April... I can't believe I almost have my second semester finished! I can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel now! I will have my bachelors in December 2011:) woot woot! I spend about 8 hours a day at school and I have to drive down from South Jordan to Orem every day! It is worth it tho because I live by DANIEL:) and that leads to...

2. HE is HOME!!!! Daniel is home and he returned on August 19, 2010!! After two long years of waiting I finally have him back! We went to California the week Things are even better than before and I honestly have never been so happy! I couldn't ask for a better fiancé!

3. Yes that is right! I just said fiancé!!!! He proposed in September and we are getting married on April 19, 2011. BAH! I can hardly believe that I am engaged! He proposed with both of our families there with us and made the night absolutely perfect in every way! I can't wait to be married to him and I know he will be an AMAZING husband.

Well I know pictures are the best part of blog posts so here ya go! ENJOY!