February 22, 2011

54 DAYS!

Yes that is right!!! Only 54 more days until Daniel and I are married! Everything is in the works and we took our bridals/groomals this past weekend and despite the rain, we had so much fun! We also took our engagements about a month ago and you can see a sneak peak on http://blog.ravenbergphotography.com/ We still have quite a bit to do, (mostly just the cake & invitations), but just trying to take it one day at a time.

But.... Some great news Daniel just surprised me with is where we are going on our honeymoon!--- THE BAHAMAS! I am so excited! He treats me so well and I shouldn't have been so shocked he would go all out for our honeymoon. My mom also got me a cute new bikini for one of my showers-- CAN'T WAIT TO GET ME SOME SUNSHINE!!

Daniel and I finally found our apartment and it is really cute! We get the keys March 1st!! Wow time is flying! When we get things all settled, I will post pics! Hope everyone is doing well!