November 17, 2010


Wow so much has happened since I have last blogged! I honestly don't know where to begin! I guess a good list of updates will come in the most handy to help organize my thoughts...
1. I started Dental Hygiene School in April... I can't believe I almost have my second semester finished! I can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel now! I will have my bachelors in December 2011:) woot woot! I spend about 8 hours a day at school and I have to drive down from South Jordan to Orem every day! It is worth it tho because I live by DANIEL:) and that leads to...

2. HE is HOME!!!! Daniel is home and he returned on August 19, 2010!! After two long years of waiting I finally have him back! We went to California the week Things are even better than before and I honestly have never been so happy! I couldn't ask for a better fiancé!

3. Yes that is right! I just said fiancé!!!! He proposed in September and we are getting married on April 19, 2011. BAH! I can hardly believe that I am engaged! He proposed with both of our families there with us and made the night absolutely perfect in every way! I can't wait to be married to him and I know he will be an AMAZING husband.

Well I know pictures are the best part of blog posts so here ya go! ENJOY!


  1. you two are so adorable! I'm super excited for you, you're gonna love married life!!

  2. Um can I just say I Love this!!!!! YOu guys are adorable and I am sooo grateful I have finally met the both of you!

  3. Hey Jessie...somehow I stumbled on your blog! What a cute story you and Daniel have. I hope you dont mind but I was going to add you to my blog list. :) Congrats on your engagement. Married life is fun.