June 4, 2010


Wow so much has happened since my last post so here is a quick list of everything that has gone on!

1. First and foremost Daniel received his tentative flight schedule! AUGUST 19 at 6:39 PM! I can't believe it!

2. I finished up my last semester at BYU and moved home!

3. I started Dental Hygiene School and I love it so much! It has kept me quite occupied and studying is about all that I do nowadays. I go to school 8-5 Monday through Thursday.

4. I was transfered to work in the South Towne Mall JCPenneys! You can find me here on Fridays and Saturdays:)

5. We went to Hawaii-- THE BIG ISLAND! We went between semesters and it was so much fun to have a relaxing break before starting Dental Hygiene.

6. Daniel was transfered to the Lake District and absolutely loves it! He is doing great and has a few baptisms coming up here pretty soon! I am so proud of him for finishing out his mission strong and I am so thankful to have such a sweet boyfriend!

So that is my recent life in a nutshell... I hope everyone is doing great and I will try to be better about posting on the blog! Have a great weekend!

PS Here are a few pics from Hawaii! (the Hash family, pic for Daniel, and the Hash sisters) ENJOY!


  1. I saw on your facebook status that you updated your blog, so i thought I'd read!!
    How fun for you that your sweet boyfriend is coming home soon!!! I definitely know how the waiting game goes, and it's not too fun AT ALL, only on the days you get letters. But that is so amazing that you got to go to Hawaii and I'm sure you've done lots of other fun things to keep you occupied, (as much as possible.
    I can tell you've been an amazing girlfriend at waiting, and I bet he's so grateful for it. Have a nice, relaxing 2.5 months that you have left!!! Cuz then....the FUN begins!!!!

  2. Bahh I love blogs :) :) especially yours. You are on my favorite tab too! I can not believe that there are only 52 more days left. Time is flying! I can't wait to see your beautiful face in August!! Well have so much fun. I think I'm coming to UT in a couple weeks too, so maybe I can get to see my girl sooner :) Well talk. I love you Jessie!