March 28, 2010

Best Week Ever!

I finally have the tape, over 700 pictures,8 videos of Daniel and two letters. It is always so good to hear from Daniel and every time I do my day turns for the better! He is doing great and had two baptisms yesterday. Things for me have been really busy and school is getting stressful right before finals. ug! Dental hygiene school will be starting soon and I cannot wait! It will be so good to start this new chapter of my life. I wanted to post some of my pics that Daniel sent and also some pics of what I have been doing... ENJOY:)

Daniel made this cake for valentines day... haha good job babe:)

This is Daniel at the Preston Temple. It is Beautiful!

This is at Cortney's dance performance! It was so fun to see her perform she is an amazing dancer. We went to the pizza factory after to celebrate! way to go Cortney!

At Guru's Karaoke Night... I love my girls!

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